Dog that Moo’s

Funny Videos -- Have you ever heard a Dog Moo? yes that’s right, this Dog can Moo like a Cow.
by Kyle Raffo


The Impossible Bowling Trick Shot

Funny Videos -- This video is one of  the best we’ve seen!  this has to be one of the world greatest Bowlers.
by Kyle Raffo

Baseball face shot

Baseball Headshot

Funny Videos -- In this video you can see a classic baseball fail, we like to call these Headshots!  
by Kyle Raffo



Leicester invaded by zombies!

Footage on YouTube, entitled Zombies’ Day Out, shows around 150 people made up as the living dead shuffling through the city for the ‘mass shamble’, groaning and pressing themselves on the glass of the civic a...
by Kyle Raffo


New York man makes $500 a week from gold in pavement cracks

An unemployed jewellery setter has taken to combing the streets of New York with a pair of tweezers to cash in on dropped gems and gold. The streets of New York may not quite be paved with gold. But one man in America is provin...
by Kyle Raffo



Tiny Teen Is The World’s Smallest Man

A teenage boy the size of a one-year-old toddler has been crowned the smallest man in the world. Junrey Balawing has been given the title by Guinness World Records as he celebrates his 18th birthday. At a mere 23 inches (58cm) ...
by Kyle Raffo


Man charged with stealing a house

Canadian police on Wednesday charged a man in central Ontario province with stealing a house. The owner arrived home to find his 10-year-old mobile home in the Ontario community of Dundalk, northwest of Toronto, was missing. He...
by Kyle Raffo


comp (1)

Real or Fake? A horse pulls a smart car

What do you think? Is this photo fake or could it possibly be real…     Incoming search terms: car girls fantazi
by Kyle Raffo

caged boy

Real or Fake? Boy in a cage

What do you think? Is this photo fake or could it possibly be real…    
by Kyle Raffo

x-epic fail

Your meant to go over the hurdles

This sportsman has got the wrong end of the stick when it come to hurdles, Surely someone should have told him you need to go over them and  not try to dive under them! Incoming search terms: hurdles fun fail
by Kyle Raffo



Dancing Fail

This is a classic example of why you shouldn’t annoy your girlfriend. We share this poor mans pain; but looking at the expression on the girls face… he must of seriously annoyed her! Incoming search terms: your ...
by Kyle Raffo


Big Brother Nation

We can clearly see that the Big Brother nation is continuing to grow; there now putting up camera’s which look at signs just  in case they try anything illegal. Incoming search terms: epic fail signs epic fail securit...
by Kyle Raffo



Your Shipment OF Fail

Your shipment of fail has arrived, please collect within 24 hours. This is deferentially one of the biggest fails we have ever seen here at Your Student Life! Incoming search terms: shipment of fail your shipment of fail the...
by Kyle Raffo


Naked cyclist movement spreads over the world

Seven cyclists have been arrested for “moral offenses” as Chile saw its first edition of the World Naked Bike Ride, which was taking place in cities around the world. The cyclists began their route fully clothed in ...
by Kyle Raffo


real sheep

Real or Fake? Sheep Farmer

What do you think? Is this photo fake or could it possibly be real…      
by Kyle Raffo


Google Fail

While searching Google recently, one of our visitors found this on Google and decided that it would be perfect for our Funny Pics page. We totally agree! Incoming search terms: google fail fail google fails google funny googl...
by Kyle Raffo