Student Insurance: A guide to choosing the right policy

If you are a student heading off to university this autumn you may be considering buying home contents insurance to protect your possessions. Whether you’re moving to halls of residence or a house share, it’s likely...
by Kyle Raffo


How to make an alternative income as a student

You could make money while you study – and not just in a bar. Here are some other options that you might find are perfect for getting that extra bit of cash… Campus brand manager How do you do it? Big companies – incl...
by Kyle Raffo


Getting a Current Account

If you’ve grown out of putting money in a piggy bank, it’s likely that you’re ready to open a current account. Current accounts are just another name for a simple bank account, and they allow you to withdraw m...
by Kyle Raffo



Debt and Budgeting

For many of us, student debt is unavoidable; whether it be through the cost of living away from home, tuition fee loans, bank loans or overdrafts. The most important thing to remember is that debt doesn’t have to be stressful...
by Kyle Raffo

Student Finance

Student Loans and Grants

You may be able to get help with tuition fees and living costs through student loans. However, these Loans need to be paid back. There are two student loans you may be able to get each year of your course: A Tuition Fee Loan &...
by Kyle Raffo



Taxes For Students

Taxes are a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ income and business profits or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions. Students are generally affected by the...
by Kyle Raffo

Break The Piggy Bank

Money Saving Tips

When your a student theres a good chance that money is going to be tight, and you’ll need to conserve it as much as you can. The key is to know where your money is going and by putting together a budget you will see if there ...
by Kyle Raffo